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Live 2 Give Records is an educational music supplier. Our influence extends worldwide. We gain insight, experience and knowledge in challenges from life and convert our ideas into songs that are enjoyable, easy to listen to and beneficial. We are constantly making music and have decided to offer our lifetime collection of music for lifetime subscribers. We promise to update you with music that you won't be able to hear anywhere else but through our subscription. You will have the personal satisfaction of knowing your supporting a subscription service that promotes education through song. We recommend you using your subscription page four days a week.

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Raphy’L has used all of his gained experience in the music industry to produce artist he finds when he travels. He has produced: Tiana Marie, Chief Tez, VVS, Dr. Suzz, Choise, Trendz, Ashanti, SS4, Joseph Niece, Dj Swiss, Royden Vigilance, Fame Mc Calister, Jared Benton, Anthony, JReal, Woody Taylor, Drea, Scooby Crocket, Walter Walker, KiDizzle and more.


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