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Welcome to Live 2 Give Records official website. On this site you will find the released catalog of music that is owned by our company. The music was recorded and performed by different artist with backgrounds from all over the world. The majority of our music is Gospel. Each album that is available on this website has different themes. Every album or collection of instrumentals gives part of the story from a christian man's perspective. The purpose of this website is to enlist members to subscribe. Live 2 Give Records is ran solely by the donations of subscribing members and public donations. One key component to Live 2 Give Records is traveling. The leaders at Live 2 Give Records travel to learn and influence culture all over the world and domestically in the United States. The 2nd key component to Live 2 Give Records is promotion. It is very important for us to have physical items throughout every season. By clicking the "Merch" tab you will find physical items to purchase such as T-shirts, CDs, and books. There will also be more to come as the mission progresses. Although there is a cost for the items under the "Merch" tab, free goods are also passed out occasionally at live events such as football games, festivals, and street events. The 3rd and final key component to Live 2 Give Records is relationships. Much progress has been made due to the kindness our artist are treated with, willingness to learn in foreign territory, and grace that is held towards the public. All of these keys have made this website available to the public and has filled our catalog with enough music to last a decade. Live 2 Give started out by producing self made albums. After the music was in the proper format, they would be offered to the public in popular meeting places in the city. Some people did not want to take the music for free and they felt better by giving a donation of $3, $5 or $10. Contrubutions till this day are still accepted and they help offset the cost of production. Ultimately, Live 2 Give Records is here to give the music as a free gift. Enjoy the benefits of our music and know that you are supporting a worthy non-profit organization.

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Raphy’L has used all of his gained experience in the music industry to produce artist he finds when he travels. He has produced: Tiana Marie, Chief Tez, VVS, Dr. Suzz, Choise, Trendz, Ashanti, SS4, Joseph Niece, Dj Swiss, Royden Vigilance, Fame Mc Calister, Jared Benton, Anthony, JReal, Woody Taylor, Drea, Scooby Crocket, Walter Walker, KiDizzle and more.

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